Thursday, May 16, 2013

ICFP Contest 2013 Anyone?

As you may have seen on Reddit this morning, Microsoft Research has put up an ICFP placeholder page.  This might seem a bit premature, but I would like to have some Common Lisp friends (new and old) to partake in ICFP this year, so I am getting started early.

The contest seems to be starting August 8th sometime and should run for the next 72 hours.  If you are at all interested in programming Common Lisp on a team ICFP attempt, please comment below, or email, or whatever your favorite method of communication.

This year I have a few new tools that should work better than last year, including a way that spectators can follow along without video streams that are susceptible to crappy resolutions (anyway, I now know someone that works on the YouTube team at Google, so he could probably get the old setup to work better).  I plan to post on those tools later to try and drum up interest as the contest approaches.


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  2. Zach, I'm interested in participating, how do we get in touch?

    1. Great to hear. Since I don't have your email, could you send me one at