Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quicklisp July Update

I was scanning the IRC #lisp logs for any replies to my ICFP advertisement and saw this:

19:41:31 *Xach* adds a bunch of smithzv libraries

That seemed odd, I checked the Quicklisp libraries and it had nothing new in them. Then the announcement of the July release came across my RSS feed today and I was surprised to see:

New: asdf-encodings, backports, cl-6502, cl-factoring, cl-libusb, cl-neo4j, cl-nxt, cl-openstack, cl-permutation, cl-plumbing, cl-primality, cl-protobufs, clx-xkeyboard, coretest, hh-web, lisp-interface-library, parse-float, pythonic-string-reader, recur, single-threaded-ccl, sip-hash.

Emphasis mine. This is pretty awesome, four libraries I maintain have found their way into the Quicklisp repository. I guess the work I did refactoring some of my libraries paid off.

This is kind of scary, as well. This means that more people are using my libraries, even libraries that haven't seen an official "this is ready to go" stamp of approval from me. While it is certainly true that CL-Primality and CL-Factoring are solid and ready to go (CL-Factoring is largely centered around another man's work done years ago, I'm just bringing it up to date), the library CL-Plumbing is kind of not extremely useful (yet) and I really wanted to integrate Pythonic-String-Reader with Named-Readtables or something like it to modularize the read table changes that it effects. CL-Plumbing, in particular, has already been changed incompatibly in my local repo.

That said, it is very good to see vibrancy in the CL community, even if it means some scrambling on my part every once in a while and some non-backward compatible interface changes here and there.

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