Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cedet Interferes with Slime

Just in case this has bitten others: Cedet (at least the current 1.1 version) does not play well with Slime. It clobbers some Slime facilities, like arg-list documentation in the mode line, and it seems to map capital letter key bindings to lower case key bindings (like C-c C-d A seems to run C-c C-d a which is slime-apropos). There are probably other annoying "step on other libraries' toes" sorts of bugs as well. My advice is that if you are seeing odd Slime behavior, or odd anything behavior, pull the Cedet stuff out of your .emacs file and try without it.

This almost certainly has to do with the way many Cedet setup guides direct you to enable a bunch of global-xxx-mode settings. However, I don't have any lines like this in my .emacs file and still see odd behavior, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the default.

I found this that briefly sketches how you might only locally enable Cedet. This seems a bit involved and there is no guarantee of it resolving the problem. So, I guess I am back to using by memory to figure out structure members like some kind of animal.

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