Monday, August 15, 2011

Modf support on ABCL

No posts in a long time, sorry for that.  Probably going to be dead around here until PhD is taken care of.    I take solace in the fact that nobody reads this blog ;)

One good piece of news that crossed my RSS feed today: ABCL 0.26.2 was released.  Normally this isn't something I would really care that much about, but the change log says they fixed the apply/setf problem, which is a current failing of Modf on ABCL.  This means that, while Modf will still fail the test suite (due to no MOP, which is needed to expand class accessors if the user didn't specify an expander), it will work much more closely to how it does on other Lisps.  I think it is correct to say that Modf will work as long as all expanders are actually specified (i.e. not expanded at run time).  This is great news for any ABCL+Modf users of which I'd bet there are approximately zero.  Maybe now there will be some.

This should just work without any changes to Modf, but I'll try to find time to test it sometime soon.

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