Monday, January 3, 2011

Where does Gnome mount network drives?

In the same light as my last post, here is another place that has tripped me and others up recently. When you "Connect to Server" in Ubuntu, and presumably in Gnome in general, the drive doesn't appear in /media. In fact, at least for my colleague and myself, it seemed hard to find where the drive was being mounted. A call to mount revealed nothing (at first glance). So what's going on here?

There is an entry in the mount output (or, if you rather, in /etc/mtab) that sheds light on this. There is a FUSE mount on $HOME/.gvfs. A bit of pondering and you'll realize that gvfs probably stands for Gnome Virtual FS or something like that. Indeed if you look under ~/.gvfs you will see directories containing your network mounts.

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